"You know the dandelion flower? The one that scatters its seeds on the wind?

The wind carries those fluffy seeds far, far from where they were born. What if one of them ends up in a desert where not even a single blade of grass is growing? If you can imagine how that lone seed will feel... then you might be able to understand me."

Welcome to bloom, the unofficial fanlisting for Nitroplus's infamous horror-slash-eroge visual novel Saya no Uta. Released in December of 2003 and written by Gen Urobuchi, the game has remained in the public consciousness for 20 years due to its haunting depictions of loneliness, obsession, and isolation. If you are a fan of this eerie, poignant tale about "a love that will change the world", please feel free to join this listing and display a code on your website if you have one.

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